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Boksi chosen as one of the top 10 most promising startups for 2021!

For the tenth consecutive time, Talouselämä listed the most promising Finnish startups that are pursuing rapid, international growth through new innovations and business models. 

The choices were made by a jury of experts together with the editorial team at Talouselämä. 

Talouselämä looked at start-ups aiming for rapid growth and internationalization. They should already have strong evidence or promising innovation, a founding team and a business model that the jury believes will enable international success. This year, the jury also paid special attention to the diversity of the corporate team and backbone, as well as the ability of companies to thrive in the post-covid market situation.

These early stage companies are strongly investing in product development and new market expansion. 

In its second full year Boksi had a turnover of 1,3 million euros. Consumer brands have a need for large amounts of high-quality content for their social media feeds. Boksi found a gap in the market that needed to be filled. 

We want to lift organizations and ideas that have a massive positive effect on renewing entire industries, and our daily lives.

Boksi caters to over 200 consumer brands including Lumene, Lidl, and Hartwall. The platform already has thousands of influencers and content creators. This year Boksi is rapidly expanding into Germany and Great Britain. 

The Talouselämä list also included these fellow innovative startups; Aiven, Infinited Fiber Company, IQM, Varjo, Space, Speechly, ReceiptHero, QHeat, Origin by Ocean. 

The article is behind a payment wall, but feel free to reach out to learn more about Boksi! You can either book a demo or e-mail us at support@boksi.com

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