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For Content Creators

For creators

You might think...

Why Boksi?

Work with your favourite brands

Brands come in many varieties, and so does the need for content and its creators. You'll probaby know many of the brands on our platform already.

No follower limit

We believe that every content creator is precious, no matter what the follower count. And hey, everyone has started from zero.

Transparent, fast and secure payments

We're committed to pay you quickly and safely. Our payments are processed through our trusted partner to keep everything highly secure.

Joining is free

Joining our platform doesn't cost you anything. We only take a small commission, so we make money only if you do.

Better briefs, better collabs

Companies on our platform pay extra attention in writing briefs. In other words, you'll know exactly what you're expected to do.

Everything in one easy tool

Our tool includes everything (including communication) you'll ever need to join and complete campaigns with brands.

You're in good company

Work with the best brands

"The best thing is I can collaborate with cool brands regularly and payment are always on time. I can just focus on what I love - creating content."

Anni Maaninka


Two types

Content and influencer campaigns