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How to find and contact Instagram influencers?

You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of influencer marketing and the boost it can give for your marketing ROI. Maybe you’ve already decided to give it a go, but are still wondering how can you contact influencers and get them promoting your brand. Here's an idea: What if, instead of contacting them, you let the influencers contact you? If you want to start small and only try partnering with a few influencers, you can do the contacting yourself. Search the ones that fit your campaign, draft a message and hit send.

However, influencers tend to get a lot of reach outs through Instagram and emails from brands wanting to collaborate with them. Therefore, your message can easily get lost in the clutter. Additionally, contacting only takes one portion of the time. You often overlook how much time actually goes into briefing, managing and paying the influencers.

This is why we recommend using a platform or an influencer search tool for finding, contacting and managing your influencers relationships. It is way easier to get your message across if you use a platform that is already known and trusted among influencers. And not to mention how much easier it is to scale the process for 10 or even a 100 influencers. If you’ve decided to use a platform, such as Boksi, to contact influencers for your campaign, you need to find the right ones. In order to do so, you need to create a campaign on our platform. The campaign will be visible for the influencers and they can submit their price requests and applications if they want to take part in the campaign. After the application period, you can move on to choosing the influencers you want in your campaign.

Boksi makes finding the right influencers easy.

There are many opinions and perspectives on how you should choose your influencers. However, according to Business Insider’s annual report, influencers can be reviewed based on their reach and niche. Therefore, when choosing influencers, you should decide what are the things you will base your decisions on. Do you want the influencers to maximize the reach of your campaign or do you want to target a specific group of people? In either case, you need specific information and statistics about the influencers in order to meet your goals.

The old-fashioned way would be to collect media kits or screenshots of the influencers social media statistics, but it requires a lot of manual work. By using a platform, you are freed from all this. Instead, you can find all of the necessary information from the influencer profiles in Boksi. We gather e.g. follower demographics, engagement rates and profile information from our influencers so you can make better decisions.

Using a platform also provides you with non-numeric, undisclosed data that can’t be found by simply looking at an Instagram profile. If you want to start a campaign that has a specific criteria, e.g. the influencer has to be moving or thinking about starting investing, it can be hard to find suitable influencers just based on their Instagram profile.

Boksi's intuitive interface makes it easy to find and communicate with the right participants.

Starting an open campaign with a specific criteria or theme will get the suitable ones to apply to your campaign if they feel like they match the person you are looking for. Open campaigns also allow influencers to bid on your campaign, making it easier to evaluate whether the influencer profile, performance and price are aligned with your objectives.

In addition to the numeric and non-numeric data, it is important to pay attention to a good match between influencer and brand. At the end of the day, the influencers are also representing your brand and if them partnering with your brand arouses controversy, it can reflect negatively on your brand. A good fit can be ensured by looking at what kind of content the influencer is creating now and are they claiming to be an expert in some topic such as beauty or technology. When working with an influencer who is an expert and familiar with your field of work, the collaboration has a more natural and authentic feeling.

Boksi campaign report includes all the results you need to know about your campaign.

By following these guidelines, you can find influencers that fit you brand and have an impact on the people you want to reach. Boksi also provides you with a real-time campaign report, so you can observe how the different KPI's are changing as the campaign proceeds. This also makes it easy to compare different campaigns with each other.

But don’t worry about achieving perfect results right away. Influencer marketing, like many other forms of marketing, requires trial and error before you start figuring out what works for your brand. With Boksi you can be one step closer to that goal on your first try. Why don't you try out Boksi today? Request a demo here and get started!

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