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Boksi Updated Terms & Conditions

Boksi Updated Terms & Conditions

We have updated our terms & conditions and have listed the changes on this page in everyday language, making them easy for you to understand. You will also see a pop-up notification on the Boksi platform the next time you log in, so you can read the updated terms & conditions in more detail.

The changes don't require any actions on your part, they will be accepted when creating a new campaign. The changes do not affect prices or separately agreed exceptions to the earlier terms of use.


As you might have noticed, we have recently added a new feature to the platform – the content library. There, you can find all the images and videos from your previous influencer and branded content campaigns that are available for purchase. In the future, all your campaign content will automatically be added to your content library.

We've also introduced a new payment method for these pieces of content – the content credits. Customers can use the credits available on the platform and/or the booking confirmation for purchasing images and videos from the branded content campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns, which should simplify the purchasing process significantly. You can find the price of the credits, their validity, and more specific terms and instructions on the platform and/or the booking confirmation.

Customers are still not allowed to have direct cooperation outside the Boksi platform with the content creators that have participated in their campaign for six months after the end of the campaign. From now on, this also applies to all creators that have applied to the campaign.

In the new terms, we've also clarified that Boksi is not responsible for any content that breaches applicable laws, regulations, immaterial rights, or other rights related to the content. Boksi can also terminate the contract with immediate effect and without notice if the customer breaches the terms or acts in a way that is harmful to Boksi's image or reputation, or business interests. We also notify our customers about all substantial changes to the terms.

Influencer campaigns

The most significant change in influencer campaigns is related to the invoicing process. Earlier, we invoiced the first part when the campaign started and the rest when the campaign was over. Based on the user feedback, we've now simplified the process so that from 1.3.2022, we will be invoicing 100% of the selected influencers price + service fee on the start date of the campaign. Once the campaign is completed, we will be sending a balancing bill if there have been changes to the used campaign budget.

Boksi customers have 72 hours to review the influencers' applications after the application period has ended and announce the selection to the influencers who have applied for the campaign. We've now updated that the customer can extend the application period to a maximum of two weeks if the customer sends Boksi a written request that they need more time. If the deadline hasn't been followed, Boksi can select the influencers on behalf of the customer.

Suppose the customer, for some reason, doesn't want the influencer to publish the campaign post even though it complies with the brief and applicable laws. In that case, the customer has to pay both Boksi and the influencer what would have been due had the campaign been normally executed. This could happen, for example, if the customer didn't find the influencer a good fit for the brand anymore.

When it comes to reposting rights, our customers still have the right to share the influencers' publications on their own social media accounts. From now on, the customer can repost the content during the campaign period or latest one month after the campaign period has ended, unless it's been otherwise specifically agreed.

Content campaigns

By default, Boksi recommends that video and photo content campaigns are kept separate. Suppose the video and photograph assignments are similar enough (i.e., the customer wants both photos and videos from the same situations or settings). In that case, Boksi can decide to approve both to be under one content brief.

Suppose the delivery of the materials for a content campaign is delayed for more than 30 days, for example, due to product availability or delivery issues. In that case, the creator may terminate the campaign, in which case the customer is liable to pay both Boksi and the creator half of what would have been due if the campaign were to be normally executed.

Boksi may, regardless of any licenses, use the creators' content in its platform demonstration materials in marketing or sales.

In case you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact legal@boksi.com.

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