Senior Developer

We’re looking for two senior full-stack and/or backend developers to join our development team. You will be working with the heart of our business - The Boksi Platform, and helping us take the next step with our platform’s development. The most important technologies used in our platform are Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL and Docker but we are of course not limited to using just these.

Our development is moving at breakneck speeds. Here is a taste of what we have accomplished over the past few months:

  • Upgrading Vue.js from version 2 to version 3

  • Implementing translation and email template management tool

  • Developing a custom query extension featureset to Django Managers (we are thinking of open sourcing this)

  • General feature development and refactoring of old code

What we expect from you:

  • You value code that is easy to read for humans and fast to execute for computers

  • You are passionate about product and user experience

  • You have excellent knowledge of modern backend development with either Python or with couple of other programming languages

  • You have an excellent knowledge of modern frontend development for example with Vue, React or TypeScript (full-stack role)

  • You have excellent knowledge building APIs

We value productivity, flexibility, and collaboration over rigid hierarchies and set-in-stone processes. Working at Boksi means you have the highest autonomy possible to work the way you want. Here’s what we provide you:

  • Possibility to choose how your total compensation is divided between stock options and monthly salary

  • Work where you want - remotely or at the office

  • Flexible working hours to fit your schedule

  • The autonomy to do your work and solve problems in your unique way

  • All the tools you need to succeed, whether remotely or at the office

  • Lightspeed growth that provides excellent opportunities to develop professionally

As well, our success depends fully on bringing our best selves to work, and working together as a team. That’s why our priority is providing opportunities to unwind from work and build strong relationships with each other. And that looks a little something like this:

  • 2 weeks paid vacation from the start

  • Relax on your big day with a birthday holiday

  • Comprehensive healthcare package from Terveystalo

  • Quarterly team-building activities (that are actually fun!)

  • Bi-annual office parties

  • Other group activities like Thursday workouts, afterworks, candy Fridays and so much more!

Apply now and leave your mark on one of the most rapidly growing startups and industries! Apply via LinkedIn or you can drop us an email at, briefly describing your background in your own words with your CV. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the position, the team, or the company itself!