Werde Teil von Boksi

Wir sind ein kleines Team von Fachleuten, die ein Produkt von Weltklasse entwickeln, um Unternehmen und Influencern zu helfen, zusammenzukommen.

Offene Stellen

At Boksi.com we’re building a platform that aims to make influencer marketing more approachable for companies, and campaign participation more streamlined for influencers. We’re a small, VC-funded startup founded in June 2018, and we’re now actively hiring reinforcements to our dev team.

What you can expect from us
  • A competitive salary

  • Stock options

  • The tools of your choice

  • A lean work environment

  • Flexible hours

  • Possibility to work remotely every now and then

  • Possibility to influence design considerations

The bare minimum we expect from you
  • Comfortable with JavaScript

  • Experience with a modern frontend framework (e.g. Vue.js or React)

  • At least basic CSS skills

  • Experience with version control (specifically git)

  • Ability to write intelligible code

Furthermore, to qualify as a full-stack developer, we expect from you
  • Experience building REST APIs (preferably with Django, but understanding the principles is more important than the implementation)

  • Experience with SQL and relational databases

  • At least some experience with Python

  • Linux fundamentals

For the sake of transparency, the most important technologies we use are Ubuntu (18.04), Docker, nginx, Postgres, Django, Vue.js, and Amazon S3. As such, experience with any of these is beneficial.

If this piqued your interest, drop us an email at tech@boksi.com, briefly describing your background in your own words. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the position, the team, or the company itself!

P.S. Our dev team is fluent in English, Swedish, and Finnish, so you’ll get by just fine with any one of these languages

We're always willing to hear from you if you think you'd be a good reinforcement to our team.

Send your open application to jobs@boksi.com. We offer a great team (nice people, that is), competitive salary and possibility to our generous option program.

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