Maximize your success on Boksi - 11 amazing tips from Heidi Strömberg

date May 14 2024

author Ruska Vanonen

Brands need more content than ever.

But they don't always have the time or knowledge to create it themselves. That's why so many brands have embraced working with UGC creators to produce their content for them.

It's really the best of both worlds - brands get amazing content that would be difficult to create themselves, and creators get paid to do what they love!

However, we get a lot of questions from passionate creators like you who want to improve their technique and up their game. So, we sat down with Heidi Strömberg, a pro UGC creator at Boksi, to get her tips and tricks for success!

How can creators make the most of their portfolio option in Boksi?

The portfolio is perhaps your best tool to getting accepted to content projects! Make sure you regularly check and update your portfolio. I recommend keeping it well organized with a clear structure. Your portfolio should almost tell a story to brands as they look through it.

Start off with your best and most successful projects to really grab their attention. The phrase 'save the best for last' doesn't apply here! You really want to capture their interest from the first second and encourage them to scroll through your entire portfolio. So put your best foot forward from the start!

Also, you can add a lot of content to your portfolio, so make sure it captures your range of skills, styles, and expertise. Make sure there is variety in your portfolio too - try to avoid 10 shots of the same product or style in a row.


What are common mistakes you see when evaluating other creator portfolios?

I see a lot of old photos when evaluating other portfolios - you should always think of your portfolio as a living, breathing representation of your work, not a static document. Keep updating your portfolio with new photos! This will show the brands that you are a) active and b) constantly improving your craft.

What are brands looking for when working with creators?

It's hard to say! Every brand has different needs and requirements. However, I think a lot of it comes down to quality and personality. Brands have high standards because their customers (us!) have high standards, so your work really has to be good. And you and your work also have to have some sort of personality - what makes you unique? Bring that forward in your work and application, and brands will really appreciate that.

How can creators have the best chance of brands accepting their application?

While it's good to apply to many campaigns, you should also consider the brand, the project brief, and your own style. Brands are looking for creators who understand their visual style and can match that, so you'll have the best chance by looking for those best matches.

Next, make sure you are clear in your application why the brand should choose you and the type of content you are willing to create for them. I like to share some content ideas in the application, as this shows the brand that I have put some effort into the application and lets them know what they can expect from me. I also like to tell more about the models I plan to use and the locations I plan to shoot from.

Honestly, the more you can tell without oversharing, the better. When the brand has a complete picture of you, they'll know if you're a good fit for their project. Plus, it helps raise your application above the rest!

Any special tips for using Boksi?

I strongly recommend any creator using Boksi regularly to create a few application templates so you save time when applying. You should always edit it to fit the brand, but a template allows you to have the regular, essential aspects listed, like:

  • The type of content you produce
  • Your working & creative style
  • Your equipment


How has Boksi helped you in your creator career?

My journey as a content producer has started on Boksi. Boksi has incredibly diverse and varied brands for which one can create content and it's an easy way to start the path as a content creator because there are professionals to help you with everything.

Boksi was where I started my journey as a content creator, so I'd say without them, I wouldn't be where I am today! It's quite honestly the best place to start as a creator. There are a huge variety of brands pitching their projects on the platform, and a lot of professionals who are willing to help you along the way.

How can creators create better content for brands?

Before you shoot anything, make sure you fully understand their needs! Read the brief multiple times, take a look at their social media pages, products, website, and really try to get a handle on their visual style. Make sure you are prepared before you shoot any content, and you'll have higher-quality shots at the end!

I find it also helps to get inspired before I shoot any content. Pinterest is great for finding inspiration, but there are a ton of other sites and channels to help you. Also, don't be afraid to try out a crazy idea you have! The brand might just love it, and challenging yourself will help you improve. Finally, the proper  lighting is key to a great shot. Natural lighting is always the best, especially when you consider that UGC should be real and relatable.

What equipment do you use when shooting your content?

For photos I use the Canon 6D Mark II with these lenses:

  • 50 mm 1.4
  • 35 mm 1.4
  • 24-70mm 2.8

For videos I use the iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Joby Tripod.

What advice would you give anyone thinking of becoming a content creator?

There are a lot of things to consider! But the best advice I can give is to just start and do a lot. You won't get it perfect on your first try, but you will learn, and that's the key! You'll only develop by practicing and pushing yourself. So don't be afraid to apply to projects, and keep creating content.


How do you make sure your content aligns with the brands wishes?

Understand the brand and their needs. It's the most important thing when you are creating content. Take a deep dive for brands social media channels, website etc. Don't hesitate to ask questions to clarify any uncertainties or ambiguities about the brand's preferences. This ensures that you're on the same page and can tailor your content accordingly. The thing I've learned the most from is brands feedback from the content. Flexibility and adaptability are key to ensuring that your content aligns with the brand's wishes.

The best option is to first really understand the brand and their needs. Don't just read the brief - evaluate their social media channels, websites, advertisements, and more. Be curious, too - ask questions and make sure everything is crystal clear before you begin.

Finally, don't be afraid of feedback! It's the best way to learn, and in my experience brands are usually quite fair with their feedback. Don't get too attached to any specific shots or ideas. At the end of the day, the brand is your client, and it's important that they get what they want!

What is the difference in being a UGC creator vs freelance photographer?

There are a lot of differences and similarities between the two, but I'll focus on the biggest differences. First of all, the client list for UGC creators basically includes only brands and companies who want authentic content. Freelance photographers have a similar client base, but they can also work heavily with private individuals. Pricing is also way different.

The biggest difference is also in the style of content both create. UGC creators need to think about making content that is authentic while still adhering to the brand guidelines. However, they also have a lot of freedom to create content that speaks to both brands and their users, because UGC creators are consumers too! They can rely heavily on their own experiences, backdrops, and even friends for models.

On the other hand, freelance photographers can create UGC content too, but generally they work with stricter guidelines and focus on creating high-quality, professional imagery that is highly specific. They need more technical skill and attention to detail, and thus it can be harder to get into. They often also invest in their own studio, higher-quality equipment, and perhaps even amateur or professional models for shoots.

However, if freelance photography is a dream of yours, starting with Boksi is a perfect place to start! You can create a portfolio, hone your skills for real clients, and make a name for yourself.

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