Your ultimate guide to influencer marketing 

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Plan & execute stellar influencer campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the best channels to boost awareness and drive sales by directly connecting with your potential customers. But it's not so clear how to get started, or the best practices you should follow.

Luckily, this guide is now here to make all that crystal clear!

Inside this guide you'll find:

  • The differences between Instagram and TikTok, and which is best for you
  • How to prepare a comprehensive brief that answers every question any influencer could have
  • Measure and report on the impact your campaign has
  • How to generate more value from your campaign by repurposing content

Plus, we've thrown in the trends you need to be aware of in 2024 and beyond.

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So, you're interested in influencer marketing...

But where do you start?

Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing strategy for any brand with a desire to increase sales and build a stronger relationship with their audience. As you might guess, it involves partnering with influencers and having them promote your brand instead of you.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Influencer marketing benefits

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Authenticity and trust

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Highly targeted messaging


Boost online engagement

Boksi really streamlined our influencer marketing and made it possible to achieve the great results we did. I'd recommend it for any time-strapped marketer!

Tiina Ahteela, Head of Marketing

Kärcher Finland

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Start planning impactful influencer marketing campaigns

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