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About Flow Cosmetics

Flow Cosmetics, founded in 2004, creates natural beauty care from the best and purest ingredients nature has to offer. Made in small batches from the freshest ingredients available, Flow Cosmetics skin and hair care products have charmed their way into the hearts of knowledgeable, nature-loving customers.

A small family business run by mother Riitta and daughter Suvi, Flow Cosmetics has grown from homemade lavender soaps to one of the most esteemed natural cosmetics companies in Finland. Strong ethics, careful research and a passion for sustainable production ensure the highest quality in all Flow products, from the hugely popular hyaluronic acid and probiotics facial serum to zero waste shampoo soap bars.

They wanted to promote a new batch of products using influencer marketing and drive more sales, so they were looking for a platform that could save their team time and help them measure their impact.

The challenge

Aleksandra Hirvonen, Content Producer at Flow Cosmetics, had a tall order on her plate - manage an influencer campaign with multiple influencers and generate sales. She had other tasks on her plate, but she was determined to put the best effort possible into the campaign.

They had attempted collaborations before with influencers and other companies, but those hadn’t worked as well as they had hoped. So they were hesitant to make the jump with Boksi. Plus, there were other issues that needed solving:

  • They needed to find the right influencers. The influencer brand values had to mesh well with Flow cosmetics. Since they had such a strong emphasis on natural ingredients, they needed to find influencers who lived by the same values.
  • They needed the right target audience. They had a clear goal in mind with their influencer campaign, and were looking for influencers who could connect them with women aged 35-40.
  • They needed to save time. Hirvonen needed to juggle multiple tasks and projects so she needed a solution that would help them do all this without adding to her workload.
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The solution

Luckily, Boksi was a perfect fit for Flow cosmetics and their campaign!

Boksi gets influencer stats directly from Instagram, including follower demographics, engagement stats, and more. Hirvonen and Flow could then evaluate each influencer application according to their own criteria, and choose the best ones.

“This was the easiest and the most efficient influencer marketing experience for us,” says Hirvonen. “What we did [before Boksi] was we would just look for certain influencers and then hope that most of their audience would fit with our own target audience. In Boksi, you can see their audience demographics with one click, which really helps us find the best fit.”

“Being able to see real data on each influencer saved us so much time. It was so easy to find influencers who had the right follower base and good engagement stats, instead of sending them messages asking for screenshots of their analytics.”

As well, having the applications in one place meant that Hirvonen could easily browse each influencer’s previous content and see if they would be a good candidate.

“We really believe in natural, organic skincare products, and we were very careful to find influencers who have the same values as us. It doesn’t look good for our brand if we partner with an influencer who promotes non-natural skincare, for example - that doesn’t mesh with our brand values.”

“We also paid attention to the engagement rate of each influencer, because a higher engagement rate can impact sales than simply follower count. Boksi really helped us dive into each application and find the best fit.”



Finally, Boksi was able to take care of all the manual labour Hirvonen needed to do alone, allowing her to focus on more important tasks.

“Boksi saved us so much time! There’s no way we would have been able to contact so many influencers and organize the campaign on our own. Boksi gave us everything we needed, and as a result of our campaign, we saw a spike in sales. Next time, we’re excited for the opportunity to use UTM codes to really track our sales better!

Boksi provides swamped marketing teams with a lifeline - easy-to-run influencer marketing campaigns, where the influencers come to you. Start saving money and time with Boksi.

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