Finding the perfect influencers for each campaign

About Logocos

Logocos Naturkosmetik AG is a German beauty company which pioneered natural cosmetics with the brand SANTE and other brands such as Logona. Their brands are proudly vegan and bio certified with a range of products using their own plant extracts and natural ingredients derived from organic farming.

Founded in 1978 by a naturopath, Logocos Naturkosmetik is based in Salzhemmendorf, Germany. They have a long, storied tenure in Germany and are well known for their natural products.

They wanted to take an influencer marketing platform into use to help them find the right influencers - right meaning they align in brand values and content style.

The challenge

Authenticity is everything. The wrong campaign can ruin years of hard brand work. The risk is high with influencer marketing too, especially when you involve multiple influencers. You need to make sure that their brand values align with your own to have the most profitable partnership.

However, it’s not enough to glance at an influencer’s Instagram account and call it a day. You have to really evaluate their content, follower base, and the type of content they produce. If any of these don’t resonate, it’s probably not worth proceeding with a partnership. And spending a lot of time following up on a dud lead just isn’t efficient.

When Logocos first took Boksi into use, they had some strict criteria:

  • They needed to find the right influencers. This meant evaluating the follower demographic, profile analytics, content style, and pricing.
  • They needed relevant data to understand their campaign performance. They wanted to understand the impact of each campaign, but to do that, they needed the numbers.

The solution

Boksi gets influencer demographics straight from Instagram, so there’s no need to search for influencers yourself. And in Logocos’ case, this information was invaluable - they could find engagement stats, follower demographics, recent content, and so much more.

Better yet, they didn’t have to search for this information themselves. Since Boksi flips the script with traditional influencer marketing processes and lets influencers apply to brand campaigns, Logocos could simply vet applicants quickly and select the best influencers for their campaign. Instead of spending hours searching for the right influencers, they spend minutes evaluating each influencer and moving forward.

“Using Boksi really saved us time. Before, we would need to search for influencers manually, send them a DM or email, and then manage each conversation separately. Now, we can create a brief and go through the influencer applications as they come in.”

There’s also a plethora of data available to them, both from the influencer view and the campaign results. By comparing this data with their own internal data, Logocos could understand the true impact of their  campaign.

“Boksi’s reporting has been really invaluable to our influencer marketing. We have specific goals for each campaign we run, and with the reports from Boksi, we can better measure our increases in sales, traffic, or awareness, whichever the goal may be.”

Interested in using a data-driven platform that saves you time? Boksi might be right up your alley.

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