Changes to our Terms of Service

It's been a while since we renewed our terms of service, and since our business, processes and platform have changed quite a bit, we are updating our terms of service accordingly.

We have launched these terms 08.05. and they come into effect 22.05.

So, what's changed?

In short: Quite a lot! We wanted to sum up the biggest changes for you here.

Here's an easy-to-read summary of the important changes to our Terms and Conditions:

  1. Platform use now includes purchasing content from influencer campaigns and other services, with Creator terms added as applicable terms.

  2. Several new definitions have been added, including Content purchase, Content fee, Credits, Participation fee, Minimum Budget, and Working day.

  3. We have now implemented a minimum budget of 1000 EUR for all influencer campaigns, in order to ensure fair payments for creators.

  4. The platform cannot be used for directing users to other services, as a search engine, or for avoiding Boksi's fees.

  5. Sanctions have been added for using the platform for unauthorized purposes or communication outside the platform.

  6. If you want your own products or materials in your Campaign or Project, you are responsible for providing the creators with said products/materials. Before shipping, you must specify if you want them to be returned, and you are responsible for all expenses.

  7. If you cancel an Influencer Campaign after publishing, you may be liable for fees, including the Minimum Budget (EUR 1000) or fees for Creators already accepted to the campaign.

  8. A new section on Billing and Purchasing Content has been added with more detailed information on billing practicalities. In short, you are responsible for ensuring your billing information is correct and up to date.

  9. We updated our terms regarding Content Projects. These include (but aren't limited to): credits now expire after 12 months if no new purchases are made, and we have the right to charge the Content fee 14 days after a project ends.

  10. You can now use credit cards to purchase content, so we added terms regarding the usage of those.

Those are the biggest changes to our Terms of Service. You can read the full document here, or continue reading to learn what has changed in each section.

More detailed changes


1.1 Background

  • Added purchasing content from influencer campaigns as a potential use of the Platform.

  • Added other available services as a potential use of the Platform.

  • Creator terms added as linked, applicable terms.

1.4 Definitions

  • Billing period: definition changed since billing period is not defined in the first invoice sent to customer.

  • Platform fee: specification that one platform fee only covers one brand.

  • Definitions added:

    • Content purchase

    • Content fee

    • Credits

    • Participation fee

    • The Minimum Budget (= EUR 1000)

    • Working day

1.5 Limitation of liability

  • Added that even if Boksi offers guidance on the Platform the customer is always responsible for the implementation of laws, regulation and other rights.

1.6 Platform use; Communication and further cooperation with Creators

  • Added a clause about the Platform not to be used for directing users to other services or as a search engine or as any other way aiming to avoid Boksi's fees.

  • Sanctions added for using the Platform for other purposes than those specified in Section 1.1 and for communication outside the Platform.

1.8 Personal data and information security

  • Link to privacy policy corrected to guide to correct site.

1.9 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions, Influencer Campaign or Content Creation Service

  • Added that each Content Purchase is always subject to the Terms valid at the time of Purchase.


2.1 Details of the Campaign; Total Budget

  • Details of the posts to be added to the Brief specified.

  • Customer's option not to provide the Creators with materials or products to be included in the posts removed. If materials or products are required, those are to be reimbursed by the Customer.

  • Customer also needs to specify if the products or materials need to be returned to the customer after campaign.

2.2 Intellectual Property Rights under the Influencer Campaign

  • If the Customer wishes to obtain the licenses for the content uploaded for sale in an Influencer Campaign they can do so by purchasing the content on the Platform. Clause about a separate agreement and process deleted, since this feature is now always available on the Platform.

  • Specified that the Customer can only reposts the posts in the channel where the original post was published.

2.3 Approval of Creators

  • Most hours as deadlines has been replaced with working days.

  • The Customer is responsible for selecting the Creators in all Influencer Campaigns except as otherwise specifically agreed.

  • The Customer has still 24 hours to terminate a Creator's participation in a Campaign after the Creator has been selected, but if the Creator has already submitted a draft to the Platform before removal from campaign, the Customer is liable to pay 50% compensation of the specific piece of Content.

  • A right to terminate Creator's participation is added to the Customer if the Creator breaches the Creator Terms.

2.5 Cancellation of a Campaign and amendment of the Campaign Brief

  • If the Customer cancels a Campaign after it has been published, they will be liable to pay to Boksi the highest compensation from the following options:

    • the Minimum budget (= EUR 1000)

    • the fees of the Creators already accepted to the Campaign

2.6 Delivery of the products

  • Added that if products are to be to returned after the campaign, the customer is responsible for all expenses, including any possible damage.


3.1 Content and Briefs

  • If the Creator must purchase products or materials themselves to fulfil the Content Brief, the Customer is liable to reimburse the costs to the Creator.

  • Customer also needs to specify if the products or materials need to be returned to the customer after campaign.

3.3 Delivery of materials

  • Specifications to the determination of sanctions.

  • Added that if products are to be to returned after the campaign, the customer is responsible for all expenses, including any possible damage.

3.4 Selection of Content

  • Added the right for Boksi to purchase and select Content for the Customer on its behalf if separately agreed with the Customer.

3.8 Content Library

  • Functionality of the Content Library feature changed to reflect the way it works on the Platform.


This section is completely new, and in the old version billing was included under sections 2 and 3. This section has more detailed and up to date information on the billing practicalities.

4.1 Influencer Campaigns

  • The minimum amount charged for ordered Influencer Campaign is always at least EUR 1000 and it will be charged even if the Customer would not go forward with the Campaign or the value of the Campaign order would be lower than the minimum budget.

  • The Total Budget is finalised once the campaign has completed.

4.2 Content Purchases

  • Changes to the functionalities of Credits:

    • Credits must be purchased and paid for in advance.

    • Credits can be used to purchase Content licenses.

    • Credits expire after 12 months from purchase if no new credit purchases are made.

  • Content fee:

    • Boksi has the right to charge the Content fee 14 days after the project has ended regardless of whether the Customer has purchased Content or not.

    •  If the Campaign is ordered with Credits, the ordered amount of Credits must be used within 14 days from the end of the campaign period or Boksi has the right to withhold the Credits according to the amount of Content ordered.

  • Added a clause about Content Purchases not being available for cancellations as the Customer is able to download the Content right after the purchase.

4.3 Prerequisites for purchasing

  • Added that purchasing requires either valid Credit Card or invoicing information and the Customer is responsible for ensuring that this information is correct and up to date.

4.4 Purchasing with Credit Card

  • Customers are now able to use a Credit Card for purchasing Content so terms added related to the use of Credit Cards on the Platform.

4.5 Purchasing with Invoicing

  • Specified that the purchase has been completed after the Customer confirms the purchase after which Boksi can send the invoice to the Customer.