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The goals

When you think high-powered cleaning, you probably think Kärcher. Since 1935, Kärcher has brought cleanliness to our monuments, buildings, and homes.

As part of their new marketing strategy for 2023, Kärcher Finland wanted to embrace the power of influencer marketing and UGC to boost sales of their new products in the Finnish markets.

They had clear, strong goals for their influencer marketing strategy:

1. Boost sales of multiple products in Finland

2. Enable a small team to manage multiple campaigns throughout the year, sometimes simultaneously

3. Find Finnish creators and influencers who fit their criteria and target market

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Starting with influencer marketing

"We had a budget dedicated to influencer marketing, and were anxious to see if the results were as good as they say," says Tiina Ahteela, Head of Marketing at Kärcher Finland. "But we didn't have the resources to manage many campaigns at once."

Running multiple influencer campaigns for their products throughout the year was a big task for a team of one. Each product had its own unique use case and target market, which often meant that Kärcher needed new influencers for each campaign. Plus, some campaigns were scheduled to run simultaneously, doubling the work load. So, they looked for an influencer marketing service to suit their needs. The service needed to do, among other things:

  • Simplify influencer outreach. Using the same influencers in multiple campaigns builds trust with their audience, as they see the relationship that builds between the influencer and the brand, which makes them even more likely to trust the brand and product.
  • Manage the logistics of collecting addresses and shipping the right products to the influencers. Aside from finding the right influencers for their niche, they also needed to get shipping addresses to send products to them within a short timeframe.
  • Maximize the lifespan of the produced content. Influencer content is amazing for repurposing in advertisement or your own social media posts. But if the content exists only on the social media channels, it can be difficult to repurpose it.
"Influencer marketing can be great for boosting sales - but it's hard to manage multiple campaigns by yourself."

As well, Kärcher also needed content to fuel their marketing strategy - but not just any content.

"We wanted content that matched the Finnish aesthetic and had our products in use at real Finnish homes," says Ahteela. "Creating the content in-house wasn't feasible with our current resources, and sourcing content from Germany would look out of place."

Often, brands outsource their content creation to freelancers or content creators, but that comes with its own set of problems, like:

  • Negotiating usage rights. Often, negotiating directly with UGC creators or freelancers gives you the right to use their content for specific mediums only.
  • Outreach and relationship management. Finding the creators is one challenge - building the relationship is another. If you need content quickly, it's incredibly difficult to find the right people at the right time.
  • Paying for unused or low-quality content. Connecting with freelancers and services often lock you in to a specific amount of content, with no guarantee that it will be suitable or usable.

Kärcher had high expectations and clear goals to achieve. Was Boksi the right solution to clean up their influencer marketing & content creation?

Supercharging influencer marketing

Managing multiple campaigns, each with their own unique criteria, was simple with Boksi. Without Boksi, Ahteela would need to manage influencer outreach, communications, product shipping, content approval, payments... a tall order when you have your day-to-day tasks to manage as well!

However, Boksi simplified all of these processes and enabled Ahteela to run multiple influencer campaigns simultaneously.

Boksi's deep network of over 20,000 influencers and creators meant that Kärcher had a dearth of options at their disposal. By creating a detailed campaign brief, they attracted the best influencers to their campaigns, and had their pick of the crop. They automatically collected the shipping addresses from the influencers, communicated fully within the platform, and had full approval of all drafts before they went live.

"Boksi really helped us save time running influencer marketing campaigns," says Ahteela. "We got great applications to our campaigns, managing the content and posting dates was easy, and Boksi handled all of the payments once the campaign was over. So easy!"

Boksi helps marketing teams big and small maximize the ROI of their influencer campaigns. We do this by removing the busywork of most campaigns, for example:

  • Removing the need to personally reach out to influencers. Since influencers apply to campaigns themselves, this eliminates the need to search for influencers. However, if there are specific influencers you have an eye on, Kärcher always had the opportunity to reach out to them.
  • Bringing all campaign communication into one place.. They could manage everything in one place, as well as communicating and planning the content with the influencers, which was invaluable as a team of one.
  • Handling all of the payments. Boksi handled all the paperwork and payments, so Kärcher could focus on their campaigns.

Influencer campaign stats in 2023


Campaigns run


Influencers involved


Content pieces created

Learning and improving campaigns

Because this was the first time Kärcher Finland engaged in influencer marketing, Ahteela was eager to learn from each campaign and apply those findings to the next campaign.

Since their goal was clear - generate sales - it was vital to find the right influencers and create effective briefs that helped influencers create the right sort of content.

Ahteela made excellent use of Boksi's script feature within the brief to clearly detail the essential talking points and calls-to-action for her influencers.

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And with Boksi's content review, it was simple for Ahteela to navigate the content from multiple influencers and suggest edits or accept.

"Boksi really streamlined our influencer marketing and made it possible to achieve the great results we did," says Ahteela. "I'd recommend it for any time-strapped marketer!"

One major learning Ahteela found was that their sales improved not from using a few large influencers, but from using more influencers with a smaller follower base. This trend mirrors the change we've noticed ourselves - smaller influencers command a higher engagement rate than macro- or mega-influencers, and thus, when you want your audience to take a specific action, a high engagement is the solution.

Influencer campaign highlight


  • Show off the capabilities of Kärcher's PCL 4 terrace cleaner
  • Drive traffic to purchase at the online store


  • 30-60 years old
  • Homeowner with a terrace
  • Preferred content that shows ordinary Finnish yards, terraces, dirt; very life-like, unadorned and easily approachable.


  • Feed 1: Showcasing how the PCL 4 easily washes wooden terraces
  • Story 1: 3 clips supporting the first feed post
  • Feed 2: Showcasing how the PCL 4 easily washes stone terraces
  • Story 2: 3 clips supporting the second feed post

And when things seemed insurmountable for Ahteela, the Boksi team was there to help. At the start of our partnership, Boksi's customer success team helped Ahteela plan out her campaign timeline and provided her with a handy document visualizing the different steps for each campaign. This helped her see when campaign briefs needed to be submitted, how long they should be open for, and how long the campaigns should run.

"Boksi's team was so helpful! They helped me understand how much time I need before the campaign goes live in order for everything to go smoothly. It was such a relief that the platform handled so much of the bureaucratic work, like collecting shipping addresses and managing payments," says Ahteela.

"It’s been an incredible addition to our influencer campaigns to be able to purchase the rights for the content. That was never possible before, and it’s a huge boon for our team."

And one of the best benefits is that Ahteela can purchase content directly from influencers in order to supplement their existing content production processes within Boksi.

"Some of the influencers have created absolutely stunning content that we now use in other places, like ads and our website," says Ahteela. "Buying content from Boksi is much easier than other solutions, because once we buy them we can use them anywhere. For example, a lot of content we sourced from Finland, we use it in our marketing campaigns throughout Northern Europe."

Maximizing the lifespan of your influencer content is essential for squeezing every ROI drop out, but negotiating for content rights can make the attempt not worth it. Luckily, Boksi makes that simple - influencers can choose content that they want to put up for sale, and brands can purchase it after the campaign ends to use wherever they want.

And if content production is a real bottleneck, Boksi can connect you with a deep network of professional creators to solve your content production issues.

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