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Boksi for brands

Boksi is the marketplace for branded content and influencer marketing

Content for brands

Ensure that your brand is visualised the way your customers prefer.

Enjoy curated content

Get curated photos based on your brand's unique needs.

Meet the demand

Demand for high-quality social feeds is greater than ever before.

Get personal

Source personalized content at scale from creators who engage with your audience.

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"Boksi has changed the way we buy content for social media"

Lauri Enckell


Influencers for brands

Ensure a perfect match for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Stay in control

Enjoy our all-in-one Influencer Marketing Platform.

Find and manage

Find a large group of enthusiastic influencers in one place.

Pick the best

Choose the best applicants for your campaign.

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"We’ve used Boksi for several marketing campaigns and have been super happy with the modern, easy and fast platform that Boksi is. The best thing is that everything from choosing the right influencers to approving their posts happens on the same platform and we can also follow the campaign analytics in real time!"

Jenni Hellgrén, Online Coordinator


Boksi for creators

Work with the coolest brands

Easy-to-use platform

A platform should be as simple as possible. We kept that in mind so that you can concentrate on your work.

Fast & secured payments

All of our payments are nearly immediate. They're also processed through our trusted partner to keep things secure.

New campaigns every week

With a large scale of clients to choose from, our catalog offers something for every content creator.

Monetize your content and reach

Put those follower numbers and amazing photos to work and earn money. It's as simple as that.

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