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Case studies

Seeing our customers succeed is what makes us tick — that's why we are extra proud about the fact that over 80% of our customers return to buy more.

OP Group
OP Group

OP Group is one of Finlands largest financial companies. We ran an influencer campaign for their travel insurance department.


Wolt is a beloved online food delivery service and we are honored to have been working with them on several campaigns.


Dermosil is a cosmetics brand with over 400 products in their range. We’ve worked together with Dermosil in both Finland and Sweden.

From idea to execution

Boksi was founded in June 2018. With our ambitious and effective team we were able to build a working product in less than two months – alongside with a handful of paying clients.

Our CEO Lasse Laaksonen had the opportunity to pitch Boksi at Slush. Soon thereafter we closed our first investment round.


We are making it possible for companies to enter the world of micro-influencer marketing in an effective and goal-oriented manner.

We’ve done several campaigns with Boksi.com, and we’re extremely happy with the high-quality content of the influencers and the number of new customers we've gained through this co-operation.

The best thing is that I can collaborate with cool brands regularly and payments are always on time. I can focus on my job as an influencer and Boksi does the rest.

We strongly believe that the team at Boksi.com will fundamentally shape the future of how brands and content creators utilize social media.

Why micro influencers?

Compared to large audience influencers, micro-influencers tend to engage people more effectively, feel more authentic and create more sales.

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5x Higher Engagement

With Boksi it's easy to run large scale campaigns with micro-influencers who fit your brand perfectly, resulting in a much higher engagement rate.

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Authenticitiy is key in influencer marketing, and studies show that collaborations with micro-influencers feel more authentic.

There is also a much wider range of influencers to choose from, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your company.

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10x More Content

Micro-influencers are generally more affordable, meaning you get more influencers per campaign, and therefore more photos when compared to campaigns with larger influencers.

Get started

Boksi links influencers with advertisers in a very easy way. Both sides benefit from the transparent communication via our platform.

  1. Create a campaign

    It’s just as easy as creating a Facebook marketing campaign. You simply choose your target audience, write a quick brief and you're good to go!

  2. Approve and follow up

    Boksi.com will automatically follow up with your influencers and make sure everything goes as planned. If you want to, you can approve influencers' posts manually before publication.

  3. Enjoy real-time reporting

    You can follow your campaign progress in real time and have easy access to all influencers and their posts in one place. You will also receive full access to statistics and reports after the campaign.