What type of videos perform best on social media? - 5 tips for you

date Aug 10 2021

author Ruska Vanonen

Videos have become the most engaging form of digital content online.

And the amount of people who consume videos seems to be nothing but growing in the future!

Over 60% of people worldwide spent 4 or more hours watching videos online per week. About 27% of all the respondents spent over 10 hours per week watching videos in 2020. This trend only seems to be growing.

The common misconception is that creating video content that performs is expensive, time-consuming, or otherwise more complicated to execute compared to branded images.

Despite the fact that video is the most effective way to connect with your audience, many brands are still sitting on the sidelines and not taking advantage of utilizing videos in their social media marketing strategy. The common misconception is that creating video content that performs is expensive, time-consuming, or otherwise more complicated to execute compared to branded images.

The good news is that video marketing trends in 2021 lean towards authentic, simple concepts that more often perform the best in a social media context. 

Iltalehti Influencer campaign Aleksi Leppinen

Photo by Aleksi Leppinen

1. Short-form videos - Make it snackable

The short-form video has become the format of choice. The human attention span has decreased significantly during the past few years. One of the main reasons is the increasing volume of content we have available for us to consume. The content must catch viewers’ attention in the very first seconds. Viewers expect to be entertained or educated in a very short amount of time. On social media, snackable, short-form video content is set to continue its popularity well into 2021.

2. Vertical videos - The future is vertical

Vertical video is rapidly becoming more and more important to use in your brand's storytelling. And the reason for that is simple. People want to consume videos with their phones. A vertical form utilizes the entirety of a mobile screen and grabs your viewer’s attention when they are scrolling down the mobile screen on social media. Mobile video consumption has never been higher and it rises by 100% every year.

3. Authenticity - Keep it real.

Audiences value authenticity more than ever before. The days of generic cheesy or obvious stock footage have come to an end and genuine, relatable content actually engages your audience. Authenticity is relatable and consumers want to see real people using your product.

Atopik Influencer campaign Influencer Fanni Perttola

Photo by Fanni Perttola

4. User-generated content - The game-changer

To create something unique and outside of the box, you should look into user-generated content.  When used effectively, it can be a game-changing content marketing tool. It delivers the important brand authenticity we just explored. Plenty of brands talk about doing it and almost as many struggles to make it work.

It’s not just about sharing videos from consumers, it’s about planning campaigns that incorporate your consumers’ content.

5. Consistency - Keep the buzz around

Consistency is key. To keep your audience engaged you have to have a flow of content that interests them. So not only the quality, but also the quantity of the content is important. To achieve an optimal amount of video posts per month you’ll need to put some effort into it. Creating and analyzing the content demands a bit of competence and time. With some scheduling, you can manage the flow.

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Photo by Hennica Kuitunen

At Boksi, we have also noticed that there has been a growing demand for video content for a while now. And the trend isn’t going anywhere! Our Influencers and content creators have become even more talented when it comes to video creation. You can source videos effortlessly for your own marketing needs from Boksi and get authentic video content from influencers. If you want to try it out yourself, book a free 30-minute consultation right away and we’ll tell you more about it!

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