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About Simba Dickie Group

Simba Dickie Group, founded in 1982, is the one of the top five toy manufacturers in Europe with over 4,000 products and over 20 brands. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of toys, games, collectibles, radio control vehicles, kids' furniture, arts & crafts supplies, and much more for all age groups.



People don't buy products; they buy the outcomes couldn't be more accurate in the case of Simba Dickie Group. In practice, they manufacture toys and games, but in reality, they sell happy moments, self-discovery, skill development, and an active lifestyle for both kids and adults. So when it comes to their visual content, it's much more relevant to show the products in action with genuine emotion instead of showing pictures of the products.

Since the group has a huge product range, the demand for photos with real emotion is enormous. Part of that demand is filled with photos from in their own in-house studio and the rest is taken cared of externally.



After seeing the platform demo, the Simba Dickie Group Team was curious to see if this could potentially solve their content problems and get also more variety to their photos: different kids' rooms as a background and different aged kids playing with their toys. They signed up and made a pilot campaign for Eichhorn Wooden Toys.

"The briefing tool was super easy to use from the very first campaign," Lisa Kattner states from Simba Dickie Group. They collaborate with the team to gather a suitable mood board from their previous brand photos so that the content creators get an idea of what they're looking for. "The mood boards are an important tool as with written briefs, people can interpret them in so many different ways," says Kattner. And it definitely makes sense – the content creators are visual people, so giving them visual cues helps nail the brief and get just the right kind of content in return.

Majorette Vehicles campaign


Emotion pictures for social media with toy vehicles/ park garages for children aged 3 to 9


Indoor: bright friendly children room, kids with joy in their eyes while playing

Photo tones

Light & natural

The team at Simba Dickie Group also collaborates when choosing the content they want to purchase from a campaign. "I share the photo library with my colleagues so they can select the photos they like the most, and then I can purchase them all at once," says Kattner.

The company has used Boksi photos primarily for social media and newsletters, and they have seen great results: because the photos have more emotion and relatability, they get more engagement. Simba Dickie Group uses user-generated content (including the Boksi photos) in their social media ads and has noticed the increased authenticity leading to significantly better results. "We have also started paying more attention to what we really want from the photos in terms of ages of the kids, color schemes, seasons, and mood in general" says Kattner.

Simba Dickie Group has been pleased with the ease of the Boksi platform, the communication with the Boksi people ("it's like you're talking to a friend"), and of course, the 77 photos they've sourced from 16 individual content creators so far. We asked if Boksi has brought some cost savings to their content creation process and got a smiling response: "We're probably using more money for content now than what we used before, but we're happy to do it because it pays off!"

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