Sales Development Representative (DACH)

Boksi is a VC-funded fast-growing startup founded in Helsinki in 2018. Our platform helps companies source branded content directly from thousands of content creators effortlessly and efficiently. Leading brands like Frosta, Waterdrop, Artdeco and Seeberger are already using Boksi, but we know we've only reached a fraction of the potential our platform has.

Are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of B2B sales and make your mark in the DACH market? We are seeking dynamic Sales Development Representatives to join our team in Hamburg!

Boksi is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, we're an international company poised for growth. As part of our 12-person sales team, you'll be immersed in an environment that celebrates achievement, fosters collaboration, and thrives on success.

Your Role
As a Sales Development Representative, you'll be at the forefront of our expansion efforts. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Generating lead lists through cutting-edge sales tools
  • Initiating meaningful connections with potential customers via cold-calling, cold-emailing, and social media outreach
  • Identifying customer needs and qualifying interests to drive sales
  • Moving solid sales qualified leads through the funnel by connecting them to a Growth Manager by arranging meetings
  • Collaborating closely with Growth Managers to facilitate seamless customer interactions
  • Presenting product information to customers once you have identified their needs
  • Meeting and exceeding monthly targets with enthusiasm and determination

What We're Looking For
To excel in this role, you'll need:
  • A passion for disrupting the market with innovative solutions
  • A soon-to-be-completed degree in business administration, sales, marketing, or a related field
  • Previous experience in sales or customer service
  • Exceptional communication skills, both internally and externally
  • You communicate fluently in both German and English – Boksi's official working language is English, but you primarily communicate with customers in German
  • A startup mindset, coupled with a proactive, go-getter attitude

Why Boksi?
When you join Boksi, you're not just starting a job; you're embarking on a journey of growth, learning, and unparalleled opportunity. Here's what we offer:
  • Comprehensive training to equip you with the skills you need to succeed
  • Motivating compensation package, including a competitive base salary and uncapped sales commission
  • Hybrid work options for flexibility and work-life balance
  • Opportunity to directly influence Boksi's growth trajectory and contribute your ideas for process improvement
  • Room for advancement in a rapidly expanding company
  • A dedicated, ambitious team committed to achieving greatness together
  • Access to all the tools and resources you need to thrive

Apply Now
Seize the opportunity to join one of Europe's fastest-growing startups and be a part of an industry poised for exponential growth.

Send your CV and application letter to with the subject line "SDR / Your Name". Don't wait—apply now and make your mark with Boksi!

Note: This position will be filled on a rolling basis.

Our values
We are committed to our values, and all our actions reflect them. We evaluate performance not only based on what someone does but also on how it is done. Annually, Boksers vote on who they believe best lives according to our values. Our values are as follows:

🌟 Making a difference

At our core, we aim to revolutionize an entire industry. We recognize that changing the world is a team effort, and we are committed to making that happen together.

🚀 Initiative and adaptability

We're action-takers who start quickly and learn rapidly. Embracing mistakes as part of our journey, we focus on learning from them to avoid repetition. We value boldness over caution, understanding that progress often requires taking risks.

🧠 Working smart

Our approach balances exceptional performance with efficiency. We understand the importance of distinguishing between times when excellence is required and when meeting the 'good enough' standard is indeed sufficient.

⚖️ Balancing speed with wellness

We believe in moving swiftly while also valuing the importance of taking breaks. This balance is essential for sustaining our momentum and well-being.

🫀 User-centric focus

Our users - brands, creators, and agencies - are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize active listening, curiosity, and a deep understanding of their needs and desires to ensure that our efforts are always aligned with their expectations.

🎉 Celebrating the journey

Our mission to disrupt the industry is filled with challenges, but the collective victories make it all worthwhile. We emphasise the importance of celebrating every win, big or small, recognising that these moments fuel our journey forward

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